Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So you’re heading to Columbia?

While some of us will be enjoying a virtual convention this weekend, many of you will be heading to Columbia, South Carolina to enjoy the IPMS-USA 2016 National Convention in person. I’ve written a lot about the Nats experience over the years, so in an effort to drive the excitement that already surrounds the show, here's a collection of links to those articles.

I hear the convention team is using new software this year, so give 'em a break if you find yourself in a slow-moving registration line.

If you're a first-time attendee, I offer some ideas for you.

You should enter the contest. Really, I mean it. I offer three reasons why and I bust the biggest myth there is about contests.

If you choose to enter the contest, here’s some advice.

Here’s more advice for your time in the vendors room.

If you’re a vendor, I have suggestions for you, too.

Don’t be that guy. Or that other guy. Please!

So there you go. Send me a photo of your favorite model in the contest, and I’ll compile an after-action report for the Soup. We're always eager to see the great models that capture your attention.

Enjoy the show! You lucky blokes.

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