Sunday, August 11, 2013

Advice for contest entrants

Maybe this year will be the first time you've entered the IPMS National contest. Maybe you're an old-timer. Either way, here's some advice.

Dust off your entries. Every contest I've ever been to has had several models that look like they've been stored in barn for 30 years next to an old '57 Chevy. This is an important contest. Take a few minutes to ensure your models are free of dust or debris.

Put your model on a base. It could be nothing more than a plain plaque, but it will help your model stand out. That said, make sure the base looks as good as your model. I've seen some shabby bases over the years, and even though they're not factored into the judging, they will detract from an otherwise good model.

Displaying and sharing your models within a community of modelers is, in my opinion, far more important than the competition itself. It's an opportunity to open a dialog with other hobbyists and to learn something new. If someone compliments you on your model, thank him and ask if he has anything in the contest as well. Offer to walk over to see it, and then find something to compliment in return. Remember, most of us will go home without an award. Compliments from our peers will be our only reward for the time we invest in our models.

The other day I told you not to be "that guy." There’s one more guy I saved for this article, and he may be the worst offender of them all. He's the sore loser. He didn't win and now he's bitter. He blames the judges. He blames the process. Usually he didn't win because his model was flawed. And guess what, sometimes he didn't win because the judges made a mistake. To the last point, although we expect a degree of integrity in any competition, judging scale models is inherently subjective and prone to bias and error. Don’t take competition too seriously. As a friend told me long ago, "Chasing trophies will turn you into a weenie." Be content in simply showing your models to other modelers, because we enjoy seeing them.

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