Sunday, April 4, 2021

The best April Fools' box art of 2021

 There was a time when people could be pranked on April Fools’ Day. I remember falling for the announcement that Tamiya was planning a 1/48 B-17G. We’re all too smart for that now.  It takes a brilliant mind to pull off a legit hoax...or an embarrassingly gullible mind to believe it.

So the day has become an opportunity to have some fun with each other, and the democratization of Photoshop has made it easier to create box art for the things we might like to see.

Here are some of the best of the tomfoolery that I noticed this year.

The members of the Facebook WingNut Wings Fan group were particularly creative, with convincing box art for kits that maybe, possibly, might have, could have been real if the business were still in operation.

One was clearly unbelievable, as well done as it was and as profitable as it would've been.

Airfix is always a popular target of April Fools' pranks, and 2021 was no different.

Finally, this post from the folks at Quinta Studio convinced at least one follower on Facebook that it was real.

Tom Anyz got into the spirit, too.

The best pranks turn out to be legitimate products, like Bandai’s cup of noodle soup kit last year. These bizarre releases will always be the source of most amusement throughout the year. Let's see what the remainder of 2021 holds!