Monday, August 2, 2021

Contests are back! Mosquitocon 2021

Mosquitocon kicks off the contest season here in the Northeast every April, so when COVID struck last year the contest was cancelled, a big disappointment to area modelers. After another delay earlier this year, IPMS New Jersey was finally able to schedule the show for late July 2021. Based on the attendance and entries, it did not disappoint. Here are a few of my favorite entries across the major categories.

I always enjoy seeing the Revell 1/48 B-1B built up, particularly knowing how challenging it is to build. This entry featured the Armycast wing set; Barracuda intakes, wheels, and ECM bits; Metallic Details exhaust nozzles; scratchbuild fuel tank; and highly modified landing gear. One of the most impressive builds I’ve seen of the kit!

The finish on this Kinetic 1/48 Super Etendard was expertly done.

Speaking of finishes, this Tamiya 1/48 P-51D was beautifully painted with Gunze Super Metallic paint.

I wrote about in-flight aircraft a few years ago, so it’s always a treat to see a model represented in its natural environment, so to speak. This Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer was very nicely done.

A few of you are old enough to remember when vacuform kits were somewhat more mainstream than they are today, so it’s great to see one executed as well as this Execuform 1/72 XB-51. It included part of a True Details F-94 resin cockpit, modified landing gear from a Hasegawa B-47, and (as you might imagine) lots of scratchbuilt parts.

Brengun has produced some interesting models over the last few years, and this YHO-1A shows how well they can be built. All of the brass parts were soldered. The modeler noted that the rotor was driven by compressed air jets, which eliminated the need for a tail rotor.

While we’re looking at tiny models, this Sword 1/72 Beechcraft D17S  Staggerwing was absolutely gorgeous. Among all of the modifications the modeler made to the kit, most impressive was the scratchbuild windscreen and windows. I mean…wow!

My favorite armor entry was this Trumpeter 1/35 MTVR gun truck. It features several parts from Live Resin, Def Models, and Master Models. The weathering was excellently done, reflecting what we see from the best European modelers.

Another excellent finish I noticed was on this Cooper State Models 1/35 Lanchester armored car.

This Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Lively was gorgeous. The painting of many of the components and accessories really highlighted important parts of the ship.

I’m always intrigued by what a good modeler can do with cars, so this Revell 1/25 Tony Nancy 22 JR dragster was impressive.

Weathered cars is no longer a trend. This Revell 1/25 57 Ford Gasser finished as a barn fine was perfectly done. Built out-of-the-box, the weathering made it pop. 

One of the best figures in the contest was this Nosferatu bust.

Gundham, science fiction, and fantasy entries continue to gain in popularity. I think this year’s contest had more entries than ever. This Wave 1/20 Gans caught my attention. The modeler added weld beads, antenna, fuel tanks, and N scale train parts.

I always enjoy the miscellaneous entries, such as this Airfix 1/32 1804 locomotive. What was great about this entry — besides the model itself — was the advice the modeler provided on the entry form. I'd love to see this catch on.

See you next year. With any luck, in April!