Friday, May 22, 2020

Weak subject lines are weak

Marketers are creative. Their job is to entice you to read their ads. You’ve probably seen their appeals:

3 simple steps to lose 25 pounds!
Make money using this little trick!
You're grilling steaks all wrong
The biggest myth you've been taught

Okay, that last one was from right here on Scale Model Soup. Guilty.

Several years ago I vented — in good humor — about the plethora of vague subject lines I’d seen within the online forums. I’m amused to see they’ve continued over these subsequent six years.

I appreciate the intent of modelers to entice us to click into their posts, but if I may…I’d suggest using subject lines that are specific to your topic or question. I think they’re more likely to elicit helpful responses.

Here are a handful that made me smirk.

More info
Something I found on Facebook
Help wanted
Asked before…answer forgotten
While surfing the web I found this
Just to be on the safe side
Anyone seen this yet?
What’s the BEST?
Apologies if its already been posted
Just wondering
Need a part
Tell me WHY?
What color would...
Your assistance please
Is this the right move?
Oh, Wow!
How It’s Done!
A big difference
Info on this one
Anyone have one of

So what was that big myth you've been taught? The answer is here.