Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Before I started Scale Model Soup I did a bit of research about what it takes to write a popular blog. One bit of advice I found was to be controversial. No one wants to read boring articles that don't take a strong stance on a subject. So I thought to myself, okay, maybe I can occasionally do that with SMS. Mind you, I'm not a confrontational guy and generally avoid conflict, but part of the appeal of writing a blog is the chance to raise my voice above those on the forums and discussion groups.

Well, it's taken a year, but my post to one of the forums promoting my latest article on "that guy" struck a chord in the moderator of one popular forum and was deleted. He found it to be "demeaning, insulting and a mean-spirited stereotyping of modellers."
I'm open-minded, so I see his point of view. But I think 99 percent of my readers find the humor in my writing, and I almost always get a few chuckles from those of you who respond on the forums or post comments here.

As I explained to this moderator, it's never been my intention to offend. My goal with Scale Model Soup is simple...to promote the hobby and to provide light-hearted commentary on the scale modeling lifestyle. Let's be honest. We're an odd bunch of characters, myself included. I allude to stereotypes because they're funny and (in my opinion) far from demeaning or mean-spirited. I'll even be the first to laugh at myself because the gods know there's plenty to laugh at when I examine my life.

Yes, I called out people with body odor, and if that had any scent of mean-spiritedness, I willingly accept the charge. I find it rude of anyone to attend a public event without having properly bathed. I don't think that's controversial.

For the record, I'm not bitter. This gentleman has the right to run his forum the way he sees fit, and I respect that. It's a great site, one of the best on the interwebz. I will continue to post to his forum, but I've agreed to be more discerning in the topics I select.

My sincere thanks to those of you who laugh with me. And to those who laugh at me.


  1. Exactly...we are "characters" ,no doubt about it.

    Anyone who doesn't think so hasn't been around the scale modeling community very long!

  2. I didn't find your comments mean-spirited, especially as one was mine, but it is a fine line between calling someone out on the truth and being mean. I, like most of your followers, understood the element of humour in the post and can appreciate it, but nothing that you said was false and that is where I guess it crossed the line. I just wish that those people that suffer from the issues raised wold reflect on what you said and vow to change, to help everyone not just themselves.
    I suppose that those with the BO issue aren't aware of it, but maybe they won't take it so badly if somebody says's something.

  3. Some people consider the Pun to be the lowest form of humor,,,,,,if that is so, your third paragraph from the end must reallllllly grate on them, lol.

    I was also given that same advice,,,,,,but, worded differently,,,,I was told "why don't you start a blog, then when you spout off or make fun of people a person can read or ignore your comments as they see fit",,,hmmm,,,,I may have been given different advice, lol.

    Just remember,,that guy's forum is his to run, my Blog is mine to type in,,,,,,,,and your's is strictly your's,,,,,,I don't think you will ever lose a reader on your blog, or have people stop reading your forum comments, just because you might have "stepped in it" from time to time on here,,,,,,,as long as you keep on acting the same as you have in the years I have read your comments on forums, you're one of the good guys in my view


  4. I like the post. We'll written with humor grounded in truth.

  5. Thanks for your support, guys! Anyone who sticks with Scale Model Soup "gets it." Onward and upward!