Monday, March 25, 2013

Model Factory Hiro and the armor and aviation market

If you have nothing more than a passing interest in automotive modeling you’re familiar with Model Factory Hiro. They produce incredibly high quality resin models of race cars, from vintage racers to modern Formula One cars. They sell on average for $250, which makes most of the injection molded kits we military modelers build look like bargains.

I recently ran across this interesting interview with the company’s owner, Misao Hiro, courtesy of HobbyLink Japan. It’s a fascinating look into the way one company produces exceptional kits.

Even if cars aren’t your thing, the last few minutes of part 2 of the video (accessible if you open the video in YouTube) are still worth watching. When asked about his plans for the company, Mr. Hiro says he’d like to produce models for military and aviation modelers…and in injected form! They've already announced a new Tiger I in 1/35 scale, which looks incredible, so we can only be excited about what else they might bring us in the coming years.

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