Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Missing the post-Nats high

So here we are a month after the IPMS Nats and I have yet to spend a single minute working on a model. This is common; you attend a club meeting or contest and return home on a modeling high only to find yourself without time for the workbench. When I was in high school my local IPMS chapter met on Monday nights, and I typically worked after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday, so even then I didn't get time with models until the following weekend. Yesterday I told a friend that in a perfect world I would schedule a week’s vacation for the Nats and an additional week immediately after. Imagine how great it would be to return home on Sunday, spend the evening with a glass of beer, and then wake up Monday morning and head straight to the workshop. That would be a little slice of heaven!

The closest I’ve come to a model over the last month was a walk past the Peking in New York City last weekend. You can read more about it here, but the ship was one of the last steel-hulled sailing vessels built. I confess to not knowing much about ships, but I always have a sense of awe when I see one up close. The Peking was supposed to be returned to Germany for restoration, but the deal collapsed, and it’s future is currently uncertain.

I hope to spend time at the workbench in a week or so. Until then, at least I have the interwebs to keep up with what all of you are doing.

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