Monday, December 17, 2012

Dioramas that don't stink

Some of you know that my other interest in life is cooking, so when I'm not browsing the LHS or searching the Models category on eBay you're likely to find me wandering the aisles of area food stores looking for unusual or hard-to-find ingredients. I've compiled a good selection of spices over the last few years, including coriander and, thanks to a recent post on Hyperscale, I have now found a new use for it in the workshop!

There are three things that are incredibly difficult to represent in scale: flight, smoke, and vegetation. I haven't seen anyone come close to the first two, but as modelers stretch their imaginations, we're finding ways to create increasingly realistic plants. In case you missed it, Panagiotis has created a labor-intensive technique for creating palm trees that result in a very realistic representation. Check out this thread on Hyperscale.

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