Thursday, September 13, 2012

I need an apprentice

You may have heard about Dragon's surprise announcement of their upcoming T-28 tank. If you're an armor modeler you have to be intrigued by the tank's unique nature, just as you were years ago with Dragon's Maus or more recently with Meng's VsKfz.617 Minesweeper. Some models just beg to be built no matter what your primary interest is.
But just as my excitement peaked on studying the T-28 box art, a pessimistic little voice inside my head said, "Ummmm, maybe not." What happened? I noticed all of those road wheels and track links! By my estimates there are approximately 650 road wheels and 4,300 track links.
Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but I think there are just over 100 road wheels and too many track links than I care to count. No matter how you factor it, that's a lot of tedious cutting and sanding and gluing. Our hobby is all about tedium, but is there a point where you say it's just too much work?
That's why I need an apprentice. I need a young, enthusiastic young man you wants to learn the art of modeling by working at my side for ten years, or until he preps all those road wheels and track links for me. Hell, even Michelangelo had an apprentice, (Daniele da Volterra) and was an apprentice himself (to Domenico Ghirlandaio).
Who will be the first to apply?


  1. Yeah, it's gonna have a lot of road wheels, but fret not, young Jedi! It's got DS tracks

  2. And you only need to assemble the lower halves of the tracks, the rest would all be hidden by the giant mudguards. I share your hatred of track links, but this is one I'll be building. Hope they do it in 72nd...

  3. No your right, there are 650 road wheels and 4,300 track links.

  4. It doesn't have separate track links. They are rubber band type and you just glue the ends together.
    I am building one now....

  5. The kit is very pleasant to build...I recommend it, without a doubt.
    Congrats for your blog...