Saturday, June 7, 2014

This is about something

Earlier this week my friend over at Doogs' Models vented a little, about the need to buy an airbrush. Before the week is complete I feel the need to vent as well, as always, in good fun.
Imagine if I walked up to you empty handed and asked, "What do you think about this?" and then gave you a blank look until you you were forced to respond, "What do I think about what?" That would be annoying, right?

Ambiguity. Not good.

That's what a few of you are doing on the forums. As yet another sign that I'm getting increasingly crotchety as I get older, here's a collection of the most ambiguous subject lines I've noticed so far this year, with my sarcastic responses that I wouldn't dare post for realz.

In need of some help Like how to write a clear subject line?
Looking for advice Always make a list before going grocery shopping.
Any plans for these? Do you mean my childhood hopes and dreams? Nope.
Need help with my bad memory Try Gingko Biloba.
Would this work? Yes, but only if you have faith. (See Faith conversation below.)
Any thoughts on this vehicle? Yes.
Is it true or a fantasy? If you're referring to my marriage to Kate Upton, it's pure fantasy...on her part.

Some people have an affinity for one-word subject lines:

Question *

* Arguably the most ambiguous subject line one could ever use on the interwebz.

And some people like to use ellipses, though not always correctly. I have a theory that these are Mad Men fans, aspiring copywriters trying to use a marketing ploy to entice us to click. Don Draper wannabes, you rock!

Model shops in.... Antarcta? No, but a the rate Hobby Lobby is expanding, you never know.
I wonder... Who wrote the book of love?
Cruel, but...... Unusual punishment.

The point I'm trying to make through this inept use of humor is, if you start discussions on the forums, please compose a descriptive subject line so we don't have to guess what you're asking about and be forced to click into a thread that we might not be able to contribute to. It's simply the polite thing to do.

BTW, does anyone remember the name of that actor who was in that war movie with the fighting and guns?


  1. Forum piloting is the bane of any hobbyist, to hell with the forums and fb - modellers should go build something instead of wasting their precious time? yes, right! :)

  2. I agree! Thanks for the good laugh. I really want to use your Antarcta answer.

  3. hahaha,,,,,,,,,,guilty as charged,,,,,,,,but, there is a very good reason for continuing to use these commas this way

    Some of use used chat rooms before all of these modeling forums were put up on the net to talk on (not counting RMS),,,,,,,,,,and you used the "comma string" to make posts that tied your related thoughts to one another,,,,,,,in one reply box,,,,,,,,,otherwise,,,,,,,if you just typed small thoughts in each separate box and hit enter,,,,,,,after just a few seconds, the original statement or question that you are addressing has scrolled up over the top of the chatroom screen before your entry appears

    after this happens a few times,,,,,you start to group your thoughts into one box

    the oldest modeling forum online today is younger than the first dating forum I joined,,,,so, that is where I dragged the habit over from. I know "dating online doesn't work",,,I've been with my "online fantasy woman" in person for over ten years now,,,,,,,,,,but, that is a thread hijack

    The funny part is that people hate ellipses soooo much that most won't read an eclipsed post,,,,,,,even if it is posted in an attempt to explain why the poster does it

    So, if you see an "Ellispsiser" on your favorite modeling forum, chances are he was chatting online before the forum software you are using to post was even written as code for a webpage to use.

    If the pattern holds true,,,,,,the Ellispsiser might also still use note cards (and a pen!!!) to write a report, even though he types the report on a PC instead of a Typewriter these days.

  4. ps,,,,,,,,where is "Antarcta" ???

    just joking, my speel cheeker doesn't always work right itself

  5. Good perspective, Rex. I used to participate on the old rec.models.scale usenet group. That feels like eons ago!

    And you don't have to tell me that online dating works. Met my last girlfriend and current girlfriend online. #winning