Tuesday, August 28, 2018

If something seems too good to be true...

Earlier this week Matt McDougall over at Doogs’ Models posted his findings of an informal survey he conducted on modelers’ buying habits. One of the questions he asked is where we buy our kits, paints, and tools. Much to my surprise, Amazon came in third, behind our local hobby shop (another surprise) and eBay.

Like many of you I’ve been going to Amazon quite a bit over the last few years in search of bargains. If you're an Amazon Prime customer in particular, the program's free shipping gets you around the bugbear of online purchases, postage. Even with that nugget, true bargains remain rare.

I’ve found a few over the years. Three years ago I found a Trumpeter 2S7M for $42 and a Minicraft 1/144 KC-135 for $8, both eligible for Amazon Prime! The only trick to finding these bargains is luck. (On the other hand, there’s no luck necessary if you want to buy models for pennies.)

I thought I got lucky last week when I spontaneously searched for one of the models on my short wish list, the Roden 1/144 C-5 Galaxy. You can imagine my surprise when I found this listing for the kit for $26.97.

I reviewed the description to make sure it was legit, not for just the box, or the decals, or just the fuselage. Everything looked good, so I ordered the model. I figured if it turned out to be a scam Amazon would back up a complaint. Amazon confirmed the purchase, so I set up camp in front yard to anxiously await the delivery.

Alas, there was no happy ending. Two days later I got an email from the seller informing me that his software had listed the model with the incorrect price. It should've been $126.99. He kindly offered me a 10 percent discount if I wanted to proceed with the purchase, but I declined and chose a refund instead. Total bummer.

There was a lot conversation about the Roden kit when it was released last year, and I tend to agree with the masses who find it's price tag a bit steep. I'll be patient and wait. Like most of the models that have been on my wish list, I’ll find one eventually at a good price, even if it's not $25.

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  1. amazon can be especially fulfilling if a purchase has same day or next day delivert. I got my Wingnut Camel houra after ordering. i was a bit bummed to learn later that the warehouse workers get treated pretty harshly to make such magic possible