Friday, March 17, 2017

Your stash is out of control when...

You may think you have a lot of models, but your stash isn't really out of control until you’ve experienced at least five of these six scenarios.

You store models vertically in the empty spaces

No matter how big your storage room, space inevitably becomes precious at some point. You have to take full advantage of those nooks and crannies between your carefully stacked kits.

You display models as if your workshop were a hobby shop

When all the nooks and crannies have been filled, you find extra space on top of the larger kits on the shelves.

You relegate models to boxes in the basement

I know you want all your models to be easily accessible, but sometimes you just have to push them deeper into the bowels of your home.

There are models in your bathroom

True story, no joke. Many years ago I was in a club whose president received a call from a local modeler who wanted to sell his kits. He didn't want to wait until the next club contest, so the guy invited several of us to his apartment for a garage sale of sorts. On the way over I joked with my friends, “Watch, I’ll bet he has kits in his bathroom.” And you know what? He did!

You have overflow in cute baskets

You old timers will remember bagged kits. Where do you put those and other random kits that don't fit anywhere else? You steal baskets from your significant other and stash them away.

There are models in your car

You bought a huge 1/32 scale kit at last week's contest but don’t have room for it? Leave it in the trunk of your car!

Where’s the most unusual place we’d find the overflow of YOUR stash?


  1. Have yet to store models in the bathroom, but currently I have a stack on the kitchen table. I keep moving them around during dinner time... :)

    1. A kitchen table is not required to enjoy one's meals. Just sayin'.

  2. Wait until your wife finds the ones under the bed...

  3. It's hard to get to the clothes in my closet.

  4. I am getting married soon. My fiancee will be coming over from Sweden. I promised her she could have one of the extra bedrooms as her "private space (I have the other bedroom as my "man cave")." I will have to move some models ... somewhere ... to make room for her. So far, the family room has no models in it. I think that's about to change.

  5. Well mine is out of control in numbers, but storage wise not too bad, large cupboards in the garage can hide them all....well almost. The images above certainly do reflect a SERIOUS

  6. You know you have gone to far when moving and keeping track of them is more time consuming then actually sitting down building them.....ugh

    1. Good point. And I didn't mention the annual process of re-organizing the models on the shelves.

  7. ...and there's some in the office. Probably a kit or 2 paid for but still hanging out at your local hobby shop. At a friend's place who lives overseas...