Sunday, October 9, 2016

MiniArt’s new crockery and glass set

MiniArt just announced a new kit that will be of great interest to armor and diorama modelers, so in anticipation of its release I thought I’d look ahead and anticipate the questions and comments that will surely be made on the forums. Enjoy!

  • Can anyone tell me if Europeans in 1940s drank their coffee with or without milk? Did it vary by country? I need to know how light or dark to paint the coffee.
  • Wrong scale.
  • Which Alclad color should I use for the coffee pot?
  • Can I use the beer mug for a diorama set in Vietnam?
  • Can someone recommend the best paint to use for the green teapot?
  • Squadron is showing this as out of stock.
  • The deer emblem on the porcelain mug looks wrong. The rear of the deer looks a little too rounded compared to pictures I’ve studied.
  • How about a 1/35 T-34/100?
  • The whiskey decanter is completely misshapen. It’s a caricature of the real thing.
  • How can I represent the steam that’s rising from hot coffee?

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