Monday, February 29, 2016

Interview with a 747 pilot

Slate hosts an podcast called Working, which consists of a series of 30-60 minute interviews with people have interesting jobs. You’ll find interviews with people who run a Japanese supermarket, manage a funeral home, and work as a bail bondsman, to share just a few examples.

Of interest to my readers is an interview with a 747 pilot last summer. When I see articles or podcasts about aviation in the general media I usually skip them, because more often than not they’re intended for an audience that that little knowledge of aircraft, so the conversation tends to be dumbed down. This podcast is an exception. The 45 minute interview -- most of it recorded in the cockpit of the airplane -- is very interesting, and I think you’ll enjoy it, too. Although I could’ve used a little more detail here and there, I learned quite a lot about the experience of flying the 747.

Of course now I want to build a model of a 747!

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