Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Contact them directly!

I don’t understand people. The internet puts the world at your fingertips -- literally -- yet we fail to use the resources that are just a click away.

This guy has two phones an an email account. Why is he posting questions on Hyperscale?

I often see modelers post to the forums asking for information about a particular vendor or web site. Here are some I’ve seen over the last few months.
  • Why doesn’t Lucky Model have Trumpeter or Hobby Boss kits in stock?
  • Will Brookhurst Hobbies charge me postage at cost for a single sheet of decals?
  • Has anyone heard from HLJ about their Mosquito pre-order?
  • Any news on if/when we will see the next issue of MMiR?
  • Squadron shows three prices on their website: List Price, Our Price, Lowest Price. Are they offering it at the Lowest Price?

These are all valid questions, but they should be directed to the respective companies not the modeling community. With very few exceptions, every company with a web presence has contact information, usually an email and sometimes a phone number, for just these kinds of questions.

I understand it’s easy to quickly post a question on your favorite forum, but I strongly suggest we start communicating with companies directly before reaching out to the modeling community, which, by the way, is full of misinformation. If a business fails to respond (and shame on them if they do), then a more public inquiry is warranted.


  1. Steve you have missed the point here...If i post direct to the website no one in the forum world will know i want to but a model that is worth $600 US, and don't forget i need to get my post numbers up.. :-)

  2. This may seem like 'common sense' but unfortunately it's a commodity that seems to be in short supply these days. Maybe I'll make a request on a forum post for some....... :-)