Monday, January 26, 2015

5 kits you should not build

This week is the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and we're going to be hearing about a number of new kits that will be released this year (and probably, beyond, if history is any indicator). Even though I'm always most excited about the kits that are not pre-announced, events like Nuremberg are always a source of great anticipation and excitement.

I was recently thinking that at the rate new kits are coming to the market, there are a few models that I'd be very hesitant to build right now, because the subjects are strong candidates for new tool kits. Here are five models that immediately come to mind.

The U-2 is an incredibly important aircraft in the history of American aviation, yet the Hawk kit (the basis for Testor's boxing) was released about 40 years ago. Trumpeter has announced a new TR-1, so I have to believe that an old-school U-2 can't be far behind.

Here's another Hawk mold that goes back a million years and is due for 21st century treatment. With wide international usage, multiple paint schemes, and a 1/32 scale kit from Kitty Hawk, I predict a new kit within the next two years.

Kitty Hawk believed the SH-2F Seasprite would be a viable subject in 1/48 scale, so maybe we're likely to see a new kit of this workhorse in 1/72 scale. I'm looking at you, Hobby Boss!

Cripes, another Testors/Italeri kit ripe for replacement! Their M107/M110 is beginning to show its age, and it's easy to see all the good things that the folks at Meng could do with this gun.

Fifteen or twenty years ago Eastern Express's line of Soviet armor was intriguing if only because it was the only game in town for some of the more obscure types, but I have to believe that Hobby Boss will soon take the lead in producing a kit of the tiny ASU-57. It would be a natural addition to their expansive line of small Soviet armor.

If you're interested in this week's Nuremberg announcements, keep an eye on Prime Portal.Webmaster Don Busack announced on Facebook that he'll be posting photos this week.


  1. Oh i could add so many to this list as well....hahaha

  2. There are some kits that are being updated as we speak but in the day these were the real deal. Of course they are rubbish by today's standards but at that time manufacturers didn't have the technology or information they have nowadays. It's like pretending that 1980 BMW 3-series to be comparable to a 2014 BMW 3-series.
    Surely I will wait to buy the new one unless my life depends on the old one... and if the old one is already in your stash be a man and build it!