Thursday, August 14, 2014

What will stick with me from the 2014 IPMS Nats

Think about all the contests you've been to. Think about all the models you've seen online. How many of them are memorable? I mean, you see a lot of extraordinary models over the course of your time in the hobby, but there's only a handful that you think about when you reflect on the best of the best.

The 2014 IPMS Nats are a week behind me now, and I'm already thinking about which of the 2,700 models in the contest will likely stay in the front of my mind six months, a year, maybe five years from now.

Two models in one of the Spacecraft categories by Texan David Carlton struck me last week, and I think they'll stay with me over time.

The first is a scratchbuilt 1/48 Vanguard Test Vehicle 3 as it was seen in 1957. It was displayed in a relatively intact configuration, with a satellite displayed at the top of the rocket.

The second model from David was a similar rocket, a scratchbuilt 1/48 Vanguard Satellite Launch Vehcile 4 as it was seen in 1959, which I can only presume was the production version of Vehicle 3. (I haven't taken the time to research either rocket.) This one was built and displayed to show the rocket's innards, as well as David's fine modeling skills.

Both models were beautifully built and detailed, and with their carefully considered display it's easy to picture them in a museum. Truly modeling at its finest!

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