Saturday, May 17, 2014

Video book reviews are the future

Last summer I wrote about why most book reviews suck, but I found someone who knows how to do a good book review. Sort of.

It's not really a "review" per se. A review provides an objective assessment. What we really want to know is what does the book contain? For modelers, we want to know not just how many pictures it has, but how large are they? Are they clear? Are they in color? Will it help us build better or more accurate models?

The folks over at MMP Books have found a great way to showcase their products. They're using YouTube to show you literally every page of their releases. Here's one for their book on the MiG-15.

Real reviewers take note! There's no better way to assess the real quality of books, particularly those that are photo-intensive.

If the kit reviews I'm seeing on YouTube are any indication (like this one for the Kitty Hawk 1/48 Jaguar), the medium is quickly becoming a great way to show new products. Books should be no exception.

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