Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The beauty of miscellanea

miscellaneous, adj. - 1. consisting of diverse things or members; heterogeneous. 2. having various traits; dealing with or interested in diverse subjects.
First, a bit of self-disclosure that you may not be aware of. I'm an oddball. I don't fit in anywhere. I was born in New York but grew up in Florida. I'm neither liberal nor conservative. I can be a bit of a yuppie at times, but I'm part redneck, too. I prefer bruenettes but somehow always find myself dating blondes. I like all types of music (except reggae). I watch WWE Raw on Monday and Glee on Wednesday. I'd like to own a Smart Car as well as an Aston Martin DB9. Labels don't stick to me. I exist everywhere. And nowhere.

Maybe that's why I've always been fascinated by the Miscellaneous category at model contests. It captures all of those entries that don't fit the more mainstream categories. If I were a model, that's where you'd find me!

I'm excited to announce that Scale Model Soup is sponsoring the Miscellaneous category at the IPMS National Convention next month in Colorado. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to support to the convention and our hobby, and as I'll be attending the show as well, I can't wait to see what odds and ends we'll see in Category 860.

Look for a series of articles about the National Convention here on SMS in the weeks leading up to the big show. In the meantime, take a look back at some of the unusual things I saw at last year's convention.

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