Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great Wall Hobby's MiG-29-13 in vivid color

When I started this blog I mentioned that I had no intention of doing product reviews, and I still don’t. That said, I reserve the right to rave about new products that make me feel young again, and that’s just what happened when I saw Linden Hill Decals new release for the 1/48 MiG-29-13.

The MiG-29 has become to Russia what the F-16 has to the United States. The FMS folks at Mikoyan Gurevich have aggressively marketed and sold the airplane into some three dozen air forces throughout Europe and Asia over the years, so there’s no shortage of interesting paint schemes for it. As a modeler, as much as I like the original grey scheme of the MiG-29, many of the new schemes are very enticing.

If you scored the new Great Wall Hobbies MiG-29-13 this weekend during Squadron’s Memorial Day sale, Guy Holroyd of Linden Hill just released an timely set of decals that offers markings for 19 aircraft representing eight nations. You’ll find a few of the typical grey schemes as well as more colorful options featuring vivid blues, greens, and tans. The decals are expertly printed, and the instructions provide more than enough information to create an accurate model, including references to Akan paints (which are also available from Linden Hill).

You should also know that Linden Hill released a similar set of decals for the -12 variant at the same time. It features 12 aircraft from five nations. I would’ve purchased that sheet as well, but I’m planning to do my -12 in Polish markings, and I already have Aztec decals and the two Polish Wings books by Adam Golabek that thoroughly explain the service history of those 44 aircraft.

My problem now? I think I need at least two more kits to do some of these cool schemes!

My apologies for the shabby photos.

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