Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to Scale Model Soup!

I’d been mulling around the idea of creating this blog for several years, and I kept finding reasons to put it off. What would I call it? Would anybody read it? Can I write more than a month's worth of posts? To be honest, I'm still hesitant but feel I need to commit to it or put the idea away forever. So here it is.

I see a niche in our hobby for this blog. There are dozens, maybe hundreds by now, of personal blogs where many outstanding modelers showcase their work, and there are a handful of blogs from folks in the aftermarket industry. But there isn't a blog that provides an independent perspective on the hobby from a modeler's point of view. That is what this blog is all about.

My overriding goal is to promote the the hobby. Scale modeling is my passion, just as music or writing or dancing is for other people. I want to do what I can to engage other modelers in the hobby, to get them thinking about what we do, about the products we buy, and about the way we share our interest.

My first goal is to highlight the best of scale modeling on the web. Tony Matteliano’s Scale Model Index lists more than 4,000 web sites and the number is growing every day. There’s no way anyone can read them all, so as I find examples of particularly good modeling or information, I’ll share it here.

My second goal is to highlight and discuss interesting products or trends in the hobby. I don't intend to announce or review new products. There are plenty of great sites that already do that; however, I will discuss old, existing, or new products that I find particularly interesting and worthy of discussion.

Finally, I want to share my views and opinions. I’m the last person my friends would say has an ego, but I believe I have something interesting to say from time to time about our hobby. I enjoy writing, and even if no one reads this I find that putting my thoughts to paper is an exercise of finding clarity.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

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