Albums of 2019

My 10 favorite albums of 2019.

1. Eraserland, by Strand of Oaks

This is indie rock at its best with guitar and synth-driven rock anthems. Weird Ways is my favorite track on the album; I love the way it opens quietly and builds and builds. Keys and Moon Landing are other standouts.

2. The Soft Cavalry, by The Soft Cavalry

An indie rock, quiet storm vibe. The first six songs on the album are sufficient to make this a favorite of the year.

3. Living Theatre, by Olden Yolk

Psych rock remains a favorite genre of mine, and Olden Yolk's is my favorite of the year.

4. Ain’t Nothin’ To It, by Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson is the cure for your addiction to bro’ country.

5. Colors Reflect Time Loss, by Maps

More dreamy, pop sound, but many of this album’s songs are backed by an orchestra. Those are the best tracks.

6. Dead Beat Creep, by Weeknight

Dark and brooding synth-pop that echoes back to new wave bands of the 1980s.

7. Cry, by Cigarettes After Sex

This band’s 2017 album was a favorite, so their 2019 release was sure to find a spot on this list. Chill, moody, and sexy.

8. Threads, by Sheryl Crow

I’m not a huge Sheryl Crow fan, but I gave this album a quick listen a few weeks after it was released and was hooked. It’s an amazing collaboration with some of the best song writers and Americana and country artists in the country. Think Chris Stapleton, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jason Isbell, Sting, Willie Nelson. And yes, Chuck D, because why not?

9. Forever Turned Around, by Whitney

Julien Ehrlich’s voice and the sound of the music behind him offer up a sweet sounds of 70s soft rock.

10. Mystery Hour, by Pavo Pavo

A diverse and fun indie pop album with psych rock influence.

Runners Up

Songs of Airpark, by Airpark
Halve, by Hibou
Satis Factory, by Mattiel
Pictured Resort, by Pictured Resort
American Football, by American Football
Mud Room #13, by Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin
Late Nights and Longnecks, by Justin Moore
Syml, by SYML
Wildcard, by Miranda Lambert

Overlooked in 2018

Too many! Where the freak was I?

Hand Habits, by Hand Habits
Hush Kids, by Hush Kids
In My Body, by SYML
Foxwarren, by Foxwarren
Seeing Hands, by Seeing Hands
The Fernweh, by The Fernweh
New Compassion, by HAERTS
Fire! Fire! Fire, by Geometric Vision
Black Sand, by fearing
heavy thoughts, by Lusts
Fire, Floods, & Things We Leave Behind, by Melanie Brulee
Hard Times and White Lines, by Whitey Morgan and the 78s
When a Country Boy Gets the Blues, by Tom Buller
Amir, by Tamino
The Artisinals, The Artisinals
Savior, by Soft Kill
Bright to Death, by Film School
Toss Up, by Kevin Krater
Stranger Today, by Our Girl

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